Webcam on the Grand-Place of Brussels

This page has been automatically translated from French into English by a translation software. Automatic translations are not as accurate as translations made by professional human translators. Nevertheless these pages can help you understand information published by the City of Brussels.

A digital camera on the Brussels Grand-Place allows each Internet surfer to discover, day and night, the different aspects of the most beautiful square in the world.

Situated on top of the House of the Dukes of Brabant, this webcam enables everyone to take a look at the Grand-Place [plan] and the events that take place there.

The Internet surfers can control the webcam for 30 seconds. They can also steer it or perform a zoom. You can also zoom by drawing a square (with the mouse) at the part where you want to zoom.

Important: due to the massive interest in this webcam, it is possible that at crowded moments the image may fail to display or that you will have to wait before manoeuvring the camera.

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