Shopkeeper or entrepreneur

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Trade - Rue Neuve - Nieuwstraat

The shopkeeper or the entrepreneur who wants to launch or develop his activity in Brussels has to respect certain rules.

Rules thus apply for commercial activities: hotels, restaurants, cafes, itinerant trade, industrial activities...

Besides, the City of Brussels rents stores and workshops.




  • Exceptions to weekly rest day for traders in 2015

    Exceptions to weekly rest day for traders in 2015

    Traders in the City of Brussels get 15 exceptions each year to the mandatory weekly rest day. The distribution over the various periods, imposed by the City, varies by commercial quarter.

  • Tax on urban decay changes

    Tax on urban decay changes

    The fight against 'city cancers', neglected buildings and empty floors above shops at the City of Brussels continues. The tax regulation on urban decay will change in 2010.

  • Summer sales 2015

    Summer sales 2015

    In Belgium, a trader can only sell products under the name 'sales' ('solden' in Dutch, 'soldes' in French) twice a year. Both periods of sales are determined by law. The second period begins on 1 July and ends on 31 July 2015.