Villo!: automatic bike rental

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Villo! is a service for hiring bikes. It is available in 11 Brussels municipalities, including the City of Brussels, with 180 stations and 2.500 cycles on the whole territory of the Region.

Villo The City of Brussels has a self-service system for hiring bikes on its territory. The stations are distributed all over the Brussels Capital Region.

24 hours a day

Villo! is availabe day and night, every day of the week. The stations are situated about 450 metres from one another. The bikes can be used in connection to other public transport.

By ticket or by subscription?

Ticket: the ticket, valid 1 or 7 days, aims at occasional users.

  • Price: a day ticket is exchanged against 1,60 euro. That of 7 days against 7,65 euro.
  • Payment: by bank card at the central terminal of every station. Every ticket receives a code which allows to release the cycle.
  • Delay: the first 1/2 hour is free. The second 1/2 hour costs 0,50 euro. Beyond: 2 euro by 1/2 hour of overtime. These expenses are directly deducted from the bank card.

Annual subscription: this subscription is valid for a complete year. It aims at regular users.

  • Price: 32.60 euro. To obtain the subscription, it is necessary to go to the website of Villo!:

Mobib card: holders of a Mobib card of the STIB (public transport of Brussels) can register via the website of Villo!. They will then get a code which enables them to use the bikes via their Mobib card.

Villo! stations and availability in real time

The stations can be found on the big boulevards of the capital, near stations and the commercial and tourist centres.