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Commercial waste

This page has been automatically translated from French into English by a translation software. Automatic translations are not as accurate as translations made by professional human translators. Nevertheless these pages can help you understand information published by the City of Brussels.

The shopkeepers have to subscribe to a contract for the removal of their commercial waste with the Brussels-Cleanliness Agency or with a private operator.

The day of the collection of the waste of the shops is planned in the agreement signed by these shopkeepers. Containers and garbage cans can only be out on the day of the collection.

Used oil

The shopkeepers whose activity generates the production of used oil have to have a contract of collection with a specialized firm.

Butts of cigarettes

Shopkeepers are asked to place ashtrays on the tables of their terrace and to fix an ashtray on or next to their facade.

Practical information

Free number of the regional Agency Bruxelles Propreté - Net Brussel
Tel. : 0800 98181

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Boulevard Jacqmain and Max in one-way direction

Since 9 December 2014, the Boulevard Emile Jacqmain and the Boulevard Adolphe Max are only accessible in one-way direction.

Boulevard Jacqmain and Max in one-way direction