Rules for street trading

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The City of Brussels has rules for street trading (itinerant trade) on the territory of the municipality. The regulation concerns market traders and other traders on the public domain.


To occupy a place on a public market or in a public space, a candidate must submit an application to the Trade Unit of the City of Brussels, at the counter or by registered letter. The application must contain the following information:

  • name, first name, address, tax identification number and a copy of the ID card of the natural person for whom or on whose behalf the place is sought
  • if applicable, the trade name, registered office, company registration number and a copy of the statutes of the legal entity applying for a place
  • a copy of the authorization as an employer that was delivered to the individual who is applying for a place for their own account or on behalf of the legal person
  • a copy of the extract from the 'Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises - Kruispuntbank'
  • the desired location
  • the products and/or services offered for sale
  • in case, the words 'démonstrateur - standwerker' (market vendor)
  • the minimum required area (length x width)

Since 1 April 2014, the itinerant trader must have a secured electronic card. The old paper card is no longer valid.

Trade on public markets

The City of Brussels organizes both general markets and specialty markets. The number of places per person (natural or legal person) is limited to one place per market.

There are two ways to occupy a place in a market:

  • per subscription (up to 95% of the total number of places): the applications may be submitted after notification of a vacancy or at any other time
  • from day to day (at least 5% of the total number of places), upon presentation of the authorization of the Trade Unit the places are given by drawing lots at the opening of the market. The place is to be paid on the spot.

Trade in public space

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen approves the list of permanent and seasonal places for traders in public space.

To obtain a place on the occasion of an event you have to apply at least four weeks in advance, accompanied (if required) by a written authorization from the organizer of the event.

Stand at fairs

The City of Brussels organizes fairs on its territory like the Midi Fair, the fair of Laeken,...

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