Action plan on cleanliness in Old North quarter and Laeken

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Cleanliness action

The City of Brussels has an action plan on cleanliness in the Old North quarter and Laeken during the spring of 2011. The action must raise awareness about putting out garbage bags and bulky waste.

The action takes place both orally and in writing: on several days a car with loudspeaker will be riding through certain streets of the Old North quarter and Laeken and door-to-door flyers will be distributed.

Message in different languages

The message of the action is mainly aimed at putting out garbage bags outside the hours. The message from the speaker is heard in four languages: French, Dutch, English, Arabic and Turkish. The flyer is distributed in eight languages, the languages most spoken in the districts: French, Dutch, English, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian, Polish and Bulgarian.

Information on flyer

The flyer gives clear information on:

  • the time of putting out garbage in the district: not before 6 pm on the evening before the collection
  • the removal of bulky waste
  • fines: in the same week of the announcement there will be actions with fines


During these penalty actions, fines (taxes) will be given:

  • 50 euro fine per bag on the footpath outside the hours
  • 100 euro fine per m3 of bulky waste (trash) on the sidewalk

Practical information

Toll-free number of the Cleansing service of the City of Brussels
Tel. : 0800 90107
Information and complaints concerning the public cleansing.