Cleanliness campaign: if you pollute, you spend money!

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If you pollute, you spend money!

The City of Brussels started an awareness campaign about cleanliness in the city. A video shows in a playful manner the various fines that exist for incivilities.

This battle against incivilities is based on police rules and tax regulations. The plan should improve the cleanliness in Brussels. The taxes on pollution go from 50 euro to 150 euro, depending on the offense.

During the awareness campaign the City focuses on four types:

  • disposal of cigarette butts
  • dog droppings
  • illegal dumping
  • urinating

The video with a compilation of the best moments during street interviews is intended for distribution among social networks.

This campaign has been chosen as a Campaign of the Month by the Media Marketing magazine (number 163, November 2011).

Practical information

Toll-free number of the Cleansing service of the City of Brussels
Tel. : 0800 90107
Information and complaints concerning the public cleansing.