Municipal information

This page has been automatically translated from French into English by a translation software. Automatic translations are not as accurate as translations made by professional human translators. Nevertheless these pages can help you understand information published by the City of Brussels.


The City provides information to citizens and other users of the City through its website, the city magazine or through maps, photos, videos and images from webcams.




  • Pedestrian zone expands, all activities

    Pedestrian zone expands, all activities

    From 1 July to 27 September 2015, a lot of free events are organized at the Boulevard Anspach (between the Stock Exchange and the Place De Brouckère) to celebrate the expansion of the pedestrian zone in the Pentagon of Brussels. The full schedule is available here.

  • Contest participatory budget 2015

    Contest participatory budget 2015

    The City of Brussels offers a participatory budget of 35,000 euros to an organization which organizes a participatory process with the City of Brussels (Brussels Participation). Candidates can register until 15 September 2015.

  • Exceptions to weekly rest day for traders in 2015

    Exceptions to weekly rest day for traders in 2015

    Traders in the City of Brussels get 15 exceptions each year to the mandatory weekly rest day. The distribution over the various periods, imposed by the City, varies by commercial quarter.

  • City of Brussels as 'smart city'

    City of Brussels as 'smart city'

    The website shows the initiatives that have to turn the City of Brussels into a smart city. The website is only available in Dutch and French.