Events: who does what?

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Brussels Summer Festival

The City of Brussels organizes Brussels Beach and the Midi Fair every summer, as well as the Brussels Summer Festival and 'la Nuit Blanche'. 'Plaisirs d’Hiver' is already known for its pleasures in winter. Other numerous events take place all year round in Brussels.

These other events are either supported or co-organized by the City. It is for example about folk events (Ommegang, Meyboom) or about public initiatives.

Events policy of the City

The big events launched by the City of Brussels generate an increase of the tourist attendance of the capital (2,5 million visitors for Winter Pleasures). They assure a big economic effect for the City. On the one hand, the events increase the activity of the surrounding shops (until 20 - 30%). On the other hand, they allow to develop the Brussels employment and finally, they strengthen the tourist attendance.

This policy wants to revalue the image of Brussels and to give a boost to districts where the economic and social activity degraded.

To organize a public event in Brussels

All the demands for occupying a public place are analyzed by the Events unit:

Practical information

Events unit
City Hall
1000 Brussels

Tel. : 02 279 50 42
Fax : 02 279 50 27

Demands for organizing an event at public places in the City of Brussels