Archives in Brussels

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Archives - books

In Brussels, the memory of the City is stored in its Archives service.

City Archives

The Service of the Archives of the City of Brussels keeps diverse collections and special documents such as those of the Public works (Town planning) like building permits.

The Archives Service cannot make all the genealogical searches. The demands can only be introduced at genealogical associations. In the reading room, large number of tools can be consulted to obtain information.

The books of the libraries of the Archives service are available for consultation in the reading room (cf. conditions of consultation and reproduction of archives).

The on-line catalog Pallas allows to track down a document or a book preserved by the Archives. The former catalogs with index cards of the Library and the building permit files were digitized.

The Archives publish diverse publications with the Museums of the City as well as the scientific magazine Cahiers Bruxellois.

Other archives in Brussels

The Archives of the City of Brussels must not be confused with the other services like the State Archives of Belgium. These have their central seat in Brussels and keep the archives of the federal state and its predecessors.

Other services or associations can also be consulted for genealogical research (the Archives service does not make genealogical researches for third parties).




  • First World War centenary in Brussels

    First World War centenary in Brussels

    The City of Brussels organizes a number of initiatives to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War (1914-1918): the website '14-18 Brussels at war', an exhibition and a publication mainly focus on daily life in Brussels during the war.