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Declaration of birth

This page has been automatically translated from French into English by a translation software. Automatic translations are not as accurate as translations made by professional human translators. Nevertheless these pages can help you understand information published by the City of Brussels.

The notification of birth is a compulsory formality. It must be done at the latest 15 calendar days after the birth at the service of the Registry office of the place of birth (the day of birth not included).

If the filiation towards 2 parents is established (by the assumption of paternity of the husband or by the antenatal recognition), the declaration can be made by the parents or one of them.

Since July 1st, 2007, the assumption of paternity of the husband can possibly be pushed aside automatically (for example if the couple has taken up residence at 2 different addresses for more than 300 days either on the basis of a judicial procedure in divorce or of a de facto separation). However, on base of a joint formal statement of the couple, the assumption can be restored (only for the Belgian husband).

Where to make the declaration?

Parents can make the birth declaration at the Administrative Centre, the Saint Jean Hospital, the Brugmann Hospital and the Saint Peter Hospital (practical info below).

Which documents?

It is necessary to bring:

  • The ID card and/or the passport of the mother
  • The ID card and/or the passport of the father
  • The wedding book for married parents
  • If necessary, the proof of the prenatal recognition
  • A certificate of celibacy, if there is doubt about the marital status of the mother

Prenatal and postnatal recognition

A recognition can only be made at the Administrative Centre.

Prenatal recognition

In case of a recognition before the birth, the future parents have to come together to the Civil Status department of any municipality in Belgium.

The parents need to bring their identity card and a medical certificate of pregnancy. The mother must be married or legally divorced and prove her marital status if it is undetermined in the population register or if she is not registered in Belgium.

Postnatal recognition

For this recognition after the birth, both parents need to go to the municipal administration (Registry office) together.

They need to show the birth certificate, up to 3 months old, if the child was not born in Brussels.

From the age of 12 years, a non-emancipated child has to agree in recognition.

These statements do not cost any money.

Copies and abstracts from the birth certificate

Practical information

Civil status
Administrative centre
Boulevard Anspach 6
1st floor
1000 Brussels

Tel. : 02 279 34 30
Fax : 02 279 35 79
Opening hours : Monday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and Friday from 8:30 am till noon
Telephone hours : from Monday till Friday from 8:30 am till 4 pm

Birth declaration Brugmann hospital
Horta Site, building X3
Place Arthur Van Gehuchten 4
1020 Brussels (Laeken)

Tel. : 02 279 37 42
Telephone 2 : 02 279 34 30
Opening hours : Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to noon

Birth declaration Saint-Jean Hospital
Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 32
1000 Brussels

Tel. : 02 279 37 41
Telephone 2 : 02 279 34 30
Opening hours : Tuesday and Friday from 9 am to 12 pm

Birth declaration Saint Peter Hospital
Rue aux Laines 105
1000 Brussels

Tel. : 02 279 37 43
Telephone 2 : 02 279 34 30
Opening hours : Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 11 am

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