Website City of Brussels attracts more visitors again

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Photo homepage

The website of the City of Brussels attracted more visitors in 2011 than the year before. This is mainly due to the daily updates and new features like the mobile website.

In 2011, the website of the City received 3,540,487 visits against 2,257,786 in 2010 (+58%). The number of visitors has increased from 1,533,202 in 2010 to 2,350,129 in 2011 (+53%). More visitors thus came back to the website.

Visits a day

The average number of visits per day was 9,782 (6,186 in 2010). This average still rose over the year and eventually there were 11,843 visits during the last quarter of 2011.

The highlights:

  • 23 March: 32,076 visits - demonstration of unions
  • 21 July: 25,738 - National Holiday
  • 18 September: 26,593 - Car Free Day
  • 31 December: 23,825 - New Year's Eve

The visitors are mainly from Belgium (76%), but also from France, the Netherlands, Germany and the United States.

Besides the homepage the most visited pages are:

New in 2011

Not only the daily update of the content increases the number of visitors. In 2011, new tools have been launched like the mobile website, QR codes and news letters.

The mobile website was launched on 18 May 2011. In seven months it received 88,506 visits.

The QR codes have been placed on stickers (administrative and cultural buildings, sports halls of the City) since 8 February 2011. They received a total of 2,953 visits.

Practical information

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