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Logo Enter the City!

On Friday 16 March 2012, the City of Brussels launched the campaign dedicated to 'Brussels, Digital City'. The campaign, which takes 3 months, is aimed at the digital progress of the City, the range of possibilities that facilitate the lives of citizens and the fight against the digital divide.

The logo of the campaign includes a keyboard Enter arrow with the slogan Enter the City. This slogan should encourage as many people as possible to actively participate in the event. A brochure and a website of Enter the City offer more information about the concept and the schedule of activities.

'Enter the City!' brochure

Brussels Digital City The brochure provides a brief overview of the services offered to the citizens:

  • the website
  • the mobile website
  • QR codes
  • tips

The resources in the fight against the digital divide are also discussed. These actions want to give the largest possible number of people access to the services available on the Internet. This is done by means of:

  • Public computer rooms (OCR)
  • Points with public Internet access (POIT)
  • Administratel terminals
  • sales of computers for 50 euro

The brochure can be downloaded here:

Events around digital themes

The campaign also includes a series of events. From the month of April the people of Brussels can get free training courses about using the website of the City. There are also conferences for the general public about the use of social networks, the quality of the information, or respect for private life.

Digital Cafés and colloquium

The City also united with the organizers of the Digital Cafés (le Café Numérique) for 4 meetings with fans of the Internet on various topics.

Finally, a colloquium about the efforts and challenges of a digital city will be organized. This meeting will take place on 15 June 2012 at the City Hall [plan], along with representatives from other cities who have experience in this matter. The City of Bordeaux will be the guest of honor.

Practical information

Web Unit
Boulevard Emile Jacqmain 95
1000 Brussels

Opening hours : From Monday till Friday from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm