Book. 'Bruxelles 58, Année Lumière', new edition

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Bruxelles 58 Année Lumière

The book 'Bruxelles 58, Année Lumière' explains in text and photos the first World Fair after World War II. The first version from 2008 has now been edited again.

The book was written by Pierre-Jean Tribot. In 200 pages he tells on the basis of photographs, documents, testimonies and anecdotes about Expo 58 in Brussels.

Where are the pavilions of the World Fair 58 now?

In the revised version Tribot searches the places where some of the buildings and pavilions of the Expo ended up:

  • the pool of Diest (pavilion of Chocolade Jacques)
  • a sports shop in Zonhoven (the central of the cable lift)
  • a gym in Uccle (Tobacco Pavilion)
  • dancing Carré in Willebroek (pavilion of Côte-d'Or)
  • the church of Saint-Pie X at Ottignies (exact replica of the Sacrament Chapel of the Pavilion of the Vatican)

Bruxelles 58 - Année-Lumière, Pierre-Jean Tribot, CFC Editions, 200 pages in color. Recommended price: 36 euro.