Coronavirus measures


Support measures for traders

Several support measures have been taken at the federal, regional and municipal level to minimize the economic impact of the coronavirus.

Federal support

All traders, including food and street vendors, can apply for:

  • Deferral of payment of VAT, withholding tax, social security contributions, personal income tax and corporate income tax
  • A replacement income for the self-employed (bridging right)
  • Temporary unemployment for companies

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Regional support

  • Guarantee fund for companies in the cultural and events sector (for financial losses related to cancellations, postponements or restrictions due to health measures)
  • Relaunch bonus (since 25 October 2021): for restaurants, cafes (and some of their suppliers), nightclubs, events, culture, tourism and sports. And support for companies in the tourist accommodation sector.
  • For companies that employ more than 10 FTE, the Brussels government wants to offer loans through Finance& that better meet the specific needs of these companies
  • Administrative support to traders to complete their formalities (by 1819)
  • Strengthening of the microcredit (Brusoc Recover): granting cash credits of up to 15,000 euros at a limited interest rate to self-employed persons, 'micro-enterprises' and social economy organizations
  • ...

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An overview of the premiums:

  • What Covid premiums are available? (hotels, events, cultural and creative sector, contact professions, 'non-essential' sectors,...)
  • Tetra+ bonus (nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and their main suppliers, events, culture, tourism and sport)

Municipal support

At the municipal level, various support measures are proposed to support traders:

Economic recovery plan:

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Created on 31/03/2020 (modified on 20/01/2022)