Action plan for the recruitment of disabled persons

In 2006, the City adopted a 'municipal charter for the integration of the person with a disability'. From 2009 to 2012, it started the implementation of the first action plan for the recruitment of disabled persons. The following action plan was outlined for 2013-2018.

In its General Policy 2012-2018, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen pulls the target up to 3%. The City of Brussels wishes to act at different levels:

Facilitate access to employment

  • recruitment
  • selection
  • training at the workplace
  • specific objective and recruitment procedure for Public Education

Promote inclusion at the workplace

  • individually customized integration process
  • raising awareness
  • guidance at the workplace
  • labor post adjustment
  • reintegration of staff with disabilities

Increase access to information

All sources of information to staff are examined for their accessibility to all staff members.

Download the action plan

The complete action plan can be downloaded here: