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Advisory Council for the Equality between Women and Men

This Consultative Committee for the Men/Women Equality (CCEFH) looks at all the situations, the questions and the problems in Brussels which concern the men/women equality.

This Council was created on the initiative of the City of Brussels in 2007.

Its objective is to emit notices concerning questions about the discrimination, the violence between partners, the equality of opportunity in the professional career,... Furthermore, the CCEFH can also advise the City about the drafting and the distribution of informative brochures, raising awareness of the Brussels population by means of concrete actions,...

The City invited the various associations and the active actors in the field to subject their candidacies to sit in this Council.

In its decision of November 29th, 2007, the College of Mayor and Aldermen accepted following associations or persons as official members:

The Advisory Council meets several times a year.

The reports of the meetings are available in Dutch and French.