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Ahmed El Ktibi

Ahmed El Ktibi

Alderman of Civil Status, Population and International Solidarity.

I was born in 1954 in Morocco. In the early seventies, I moved to the Netherlands with my parents, a country that I left very quickly to emigrate to a French-speaking region. I moved to Li├Ęge, before I came to Brussels in 1974. It was the beautiful time of the militant action. With a diploma from the EOS and then Social Sciences (social work) at the ULB in my pocket, I took part in the association life of Brussels as an educator, social worker at SOS Jeunes, education worker of a community centre and responsible of the Education Action Zones. In Saint-Gilles I was a coordinator of programs on social cohesion for 14 years. From 1999 to 2004 I also led the 'Mission Locale'.

In 2004, I was elected as a member of the Brussels Parliament, and re-elected in 2009 and 2014. Today I am still chairman of the Social Affairs Committee. Since 2006, I am also an Alderman of the City of Brussels, first of Public Works, Participation and Equal Opportunities. After the municipal elections of 2012, I was charged with Green Spaces, Environment, Energy, Municipal Equipment and International Solidarity. In July 2017, I became chairman of the Public Welfare Centre (CPAS-OCMW) of Brussels. Since the recent elections of 2018, I serve as Alderman of Demography and International solidarity and as civil servant of the Civil Registry of the City of Brussels.

My political action, in the regional parliament and in the City of Brussels, concerns social matters (health, employment, housing, the fight against exclusion) and environment. Brussels is a multi-layered city that combines neighborhood life and openness to the world. For me, this city is a cultural mosaic where the whole harmony is reflected in its diversity. I define myself in the first place as a citizen of Brussels. 

Fabrice Voogt
Press officer 
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