Call for animal shelter donations

The City of Brussels and the Commune of Anderlecht are organising a large collection of donations from citizens for animal shelters. From 19 September to 2 October 2022, you can drop off your donations at various locations in the two communes.

For several years now, the City of Brussels and the Commune of Anderlecht have been providing financial support to animal shelters. On the occasion of the International Day of Animal Welfare, the two communes are organising a large collection of donations for these animal shelters.

How to make a donation?

From 19 September to 2 October 2022, at the following locations:

City of Brussels

  • Reptishop: chaussée d'Anvers 12 - 1000 Bruxelles
  • Zinneke en kat: rue des Chartreux 33/35 - 1000 Bruxelles
  • New Brussels Aquariums: boulevard Barthélémy 39 - 1000 Bruxelles
  • Que Bonito Pet: rue Le Corrège 45 - 1000 Bruxelles
  • Au rendez-vous du chien: rue de Wand 70 - 1020 Bruxelles (Laeken)
  • Centre Administratif de la Ville de Bruxelles: boulevard Anspach 6 - 1000 Bruxelles
  • Bureau de liaison de Laeken: boulevard Emile Bockstael, 246 - 1020 Bruxelles (Laeken)
  • Bureau de liaison de Neder-Over-Heembeek: Kruisberg, 30 - 1120 Bruxelles (Neder-Over-Heembeek)
  • Bureau de liaison de Haren (temporary): Gemeenschapscentrum De Linde
  • Bureau de liaison Nord-Est: rue Van Campenhout, 16 - 1000 Bruxelles
  • Bureau de liaison Louise: avenue Louise, 240 - 1000 Bruxelles
  • Sunday 2 October: at the Ferme du Parc Maximilien, during the Animal Welfare Day


  • Administration communale, service Population, rue de France 99 - 1070 Anderlecht
  • Maison communale d'Anderlecht, place du Conseil 1 - 1070 Anderlecht
  • Antenne de proximité Centre, place de la Vaillance 27 - 1070 Anderlecht
  • Antenne de proximité Peterbos, parc du Peterbos, bloc 9 - 1070 Anderlecht
  • Centre administratif Veeweyde, rue de Veeweyde 100 - 1070 Anderlecht
  • Service du Bien-être animal, rue Brune 3 - 1070 Anderlecht
  • Colruyt Veeweyde, chaussée de Mons, 824
  • Colruyt Herbette, boulevard Maurice Herbette, 57
  • Delhaize Veeweyde, chaussée de Mons, 718
  • Carrefour Market - Marius Renard, avenue Marius Renard, 21
  • Cabinet Vétérinaire VetTeam, Dr Vande Capelle
  • Clinique Vétérinaire Animaux de Compagnie, Dr Vinaimont, rue Georges Moreau, 38
  • Maxi Zoo (Westland Shopping), boulevard Sylvain Dupuis, 393
  • Maxi Zoo M. Gilles, sous-gérant, avenue Marius Renard 21
  • Carrefour express Bizet, chaussée de Mons, 1000
  • Carrefour express Cyriel, rue Cyriel Buysse, 36
  • Delhaize Westland Shopping Center, M. Decraene, Gérant, boulevard Sylvain Dupuis 393
  • Delhaize Prince de Liège, M. Alexandre Demeure, Gérant, chaussée de Ninove, 1024
  • Louis Delhaize, place du Droit, 1
  • Proxy Delhaize Marius Renard, M. Shehu, Gérant, avenue Marius Renard, 29
  • Centre vétérinaire Animalia, boulevard Sylvain Dupuis, 7
  • LIDL (caserne pompiers), chaussée de Mons, 600/604
  • LIDL (square Albert Ier), chaussée de Mons, 301
  • Cabinet vétérinaire - Dr Stoffels Jacqueline, rue de la Pastorale, 94
  • Cabinet Vetcare - Dr Millet, avenue Charles de Tollenaere, 48
  • Cabinet Vétérinaire - Dr Séverine Dechamps, boulevard Sylvain Dupuis, 179 A
  • Cabinet Vétérinaire - Dr Jean-François Jerome, avenue Limbourg, 3

Which donations?


  • Food such as kibble or packets/boxes of wet meat
  • Toys (foam balls, toys with feathers, ...)
  • Others: scratching posts, cages


  • Food such as dog food for large dogs or puppies, basket for large dogs
  • Toys (to chew, such as Kong, dog bones,...)
  • Equipment: plaids and blankets, hard plastic baskets for large dogs, licking mats, multipurpose wipes, cleaning products

Other animals:

  • Rabbits and rodents: hay, hemp litter and seed food
  • Wild animals:
    • Food: dried fruit (hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pine nuts), bran meal, insect food, cat/dog food, millet branches, squid bones
    • Toys for rodents/birds
    • Care materials: latex gloves, leather gloves (welding gloves), floor brushes/scrubbers, cleaning brushes, clean folded cardboard boxes, Velleda pens, white vinegar, odourless washing powder, Calcilux, small fridges (for breeding), walkie-talkies,...
    • Care equipment: heat lamps (50w-75w-100w-175w), clippers for animals, scales and batteries, large fish nets, butterfly nets, terrarium decorations

Donations to avoid?

  • Hard-to-care-for quilts and pillows
  • Opened and expired bags of food
  • Used scratching posts for cats, baskets for small dogs

Which animal shelters?

The City of Brussels and the Commune of Anderlecht work with the following shelters:

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