Animation and commercial events

Trade events are organised in conjunction with the Events Service of the City of Brussels as well as with other City departments, the SIAMU (fire and medical response team) and the police.

This includes requests for events such as auctions, bric-a-brac sales, trade fairs, annual markets,...

These requests are first sent to the Events Service and then processed by the Commercial Events Service.

How to apply?

By e-mail:, by submitting the form (DOCX, 173.69 KB).

Find out more

  • By calling 02 279 50 42 (Events Service)
  • By calling 02 279 25 30 (Commercial Events Service)
  • By appointment (Commercial Events Service) at the counter of the Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels, taken online after approval of the file by the Events Service

Required documents

Application form for an event organisation permit (DOCX, 173.69 KB) (in French)

Documents requested on the form.