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Art + People by nuitblanche

various locations in Brussels
Thursday 3 October 2024 - Saturday 5 October 2024

From 3 to 5 October 2024 in the Marolles.

The biennial event Art + People by nuitblanche promotes Brussels' intangible heritage, placing residents at the heart of the creative process. The creations are given time to take shape, allowing residents to appropriate the public space.

Workshops and research by Nuitblanche.lab

Nuitblanche.lab, which complements the event Art + People by nuitblanche, supports the emergence of the various artistic projects in the centre of Brussels. During residencies, workshops and other long-term research, artists work together with residents from Brussels on projects celebrating everyday life behind the façades of Brussels.

Nuitblanche.lab highlights the creative process, in a process of co-construction and demystification of contemporary art. As a space for independent research and creation, nuitblanche.lab feeds the programming of the biennial event Art + People by nuitblanche in order to open the programming to a wider audience.


More info on the programme of Art + People by nuitblanche and the residencies, workshops and research by nuitblanche.lab:

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