Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The questions most frequently asked (frequently asked questions) about the City of Brussels and its website.

What is the difference between the City of Brussels and Brussels-city?

The territory of the City of Brussels includes the Pentagon (called Brussels-city), as well as Laeken, Haren, Neder-Over-Heembeek, the Northeast district and the district of the Avenue Louise. The naming Brussels-city is thus restrictive with regard to the reality of the municipal territory covered by the naming City of Brussels.

What is the difference between Brussels and Brussels-Capital?

Brussels is a municipality (city) and it is the capital of Belgium. The Brussels Capital-Region or Brussels Region is one of 3 federal regions of the country. The territory of this region extends over 19 municipalities, including the City of Brussels.

What are the opening hours of the municipal administration of Brussels?

Because of the size of the municipality and its administration, there is no schedule applicable to all the administrative departments. According to his problem, his demand, his step,... the citizen will have to search the service concerned and verify the opening hours. This information appears in the Practical Information at the bottom of every administrative page.

Where to find a map (plan) of Brussels?

The visitor or the tourist can obtain a map or a plan of Brussels as well as guides and brochures at the tourist information offices of Brussels. On the website of the City, virtual plans (with map or satellite sight) allow to locate places.

How to report a problem on the website of the City of Brussels?

Each page of the website of the City has a button Give your opinion. You have to click this button and fill the form intended for the Web unit.

How to report a problem to the City?

There is no unique form or service for complaints. It is thus advisable to contact the municipal service concerned by mail, e-mail (all the services do not accept e-mail), telephone or by going to the service (according to the modalities described in the Practical Information).

Practical information

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