Authorisation to create green spaces

The City of Brussels offers assistance and support for greening projects in public spaces.

It involves following projects:

  • planting a climber on a street-facing façade
  • a planter (at the foot of the façade)
  • planting in a decorative container
  • creating a micro-garden

The greening of public spaces helps to:

  • improve the microclimate
  • clean the air by binding dust and certain pollutants
  • foster biodiversity and strengthen the network of green spaces
  • create more attractive neighborhoods


  • In order to prepare your greening project, please read the conditions on our website Végétalisons (in French and Dutch)
  • The greening project must be located in the City of Brussels. It is subject to prior authorization from the College of Aldermen.
  • Comply with commitments set out in the Regulation


  • The façades of listed buildings or buildings registered on the safeguarding list
  • If you would like to plant a tree in the City of Brussels, consult Végétalisons - construire mon projet (in French)

How to apply?

  • Online via MyBXL

Required documents

  • ID document
  • In order to submit an application for a climbing plant on a street-facing façade, the written authorization of the owner of the building is required



Waiting period

The greening project will be the subject of a feasibility study.

The time frame will depend on the type of project, weather conditions and planting schedules.

More info?