Authorizations for temporary occupation of the public road

The procedure varies according to the material type installed on the public road or on the type of activity.

In order to install a scaffold, a fence, an open and/or closed container, and/or a lift on public roads, you must enter a request in the Osiris system.

To support you efficiently in your administrative procedures, you can request the services of the Osiris Counter of the Brussels Capital Construction Confederation (Rue d'Arlon 92 - 1040 Brussels, phone 02 545 57 06 -

The processing time of the application will depend on the importance of the yard. It will vary depending on the number of external notices to be requested (Department of Road Works, Police,...).

Please note:

To obtain an authorization for the placement of an open garbage container on the public road reserved for vehicle parking, you must go to the Department of Road Works (Study and Permit Unit - phone 02 279 60 10) with the completed form (PDF, 51.67 KB).


For commercial activities on the public road (terraces, displays, bus shelters, kiosks, you have to get in touch with the Trade Unit (horeca). See also municipal fees.