MyBXL maintenance and telephone accessibility

Due to maintenance works, the External site MyBXL citizen portal will be unavailable from Friday 2 December at 1 pm until Saturday 3 December at 7:30 am. Interruptions are still possible on Saturday 3 December. Due to the move of the services of the City of Brussels to the new Brucity Administrative Centre (on 12 December 2022), the waiting time for a telephone answer may be temporarily longer as well.


Brussels Council of Cultural Diversity (CBDC)


  • Lydia Mutyebele Ngoi, president, Alderwoman of Housing, Public Patrimony and Equal Opportunities


  • Ahadji Ablam, Afrology
  • Azeebal Assia, Centre TEFO
  • Chuitar Bilal, Le Foyer des Jeunes des Marolles
  • Dioum Moussa, Espace Culture et Développement
  • Draghici Carmen, Maison culturelle Belgo-Roumaine - Arthis
  • Gaggiottini Laura, citizen
  • Hammout Abdelalif, citizen
  • Houmey Noviti Spero, Maison de l'Initiative Citoyenne
  • Kouablan Francine, MRAX
  • Louahed Leïla, Formosa
  • Medda Eleonora, INCA-CGIL

The reports of the sessions of the council are only available in Dutch and French.

The social service, in particular for people of foreign origin, offers:

  • first-line social counselling
  • listening and social guidance
  • a clear answer to your questions

But also:

  • personalised support for your various administrative procedures (making legal and administrative language more accessible, drafting letters, making appointments,...)
  • a referral to one or more competent or more appropriate services
  • guidance in the follow-up of specific files (stay, naturalisation, visa application,...)

The social service office is located at Bravvo, Rue de la Caserne 37 - 1000 Brussels.