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Brussels Council of Cultural Diversity (CBDC)


  • Lydia Mutyebele Ngoi, president, Alderwoman of Housing, Public Patrimony and Equal Opportunities

Members of the Office

  • Luisa Bongiovanni, Eglantine
  • Carmen Draghici, Maison culturelle belgo-roumaine (ARTHIS)
  • Adel Fakih, Bruxelles Trait d'Union
  • Noviti Houmey, Maison de l'Initiative Citoyenne (MIC)
  • Lhoussaine Ouachem Brahim, Ligne de Mire


  • Ablam Gustav Ahadji, Afrology
  • Domingo Araya Cepeda,Codecipo Chili
  • Abdoulaye Balde,Coopération pour le Développement de Dalaba (CDD)
  • Moussa Dioum, Espace Cultures & Développement
  • Rosa Gordillo Uribe, Amicale Belgo Colombienne - Con Sabor Latino
  • Belaid Kouhmane, Centre culturel islamique ARRAYAN
  • Moustapha Louafdi, CSC
  • Régine Mfuni Katende, Union des Femmes Africaines
  • Anastasia Papadopoulos, Entraide Bruxelles
  • Konte Sambieni, Centre de Coopération à la Politique de la Jeunesse Africaine (CCPJA)

The reports of the sessions of the council are only available in Dutch and French.

The social service, in particular for people of foreign origin, offers:

  • first-line social counselling
  • listening and social guidance
  • a clear answer to your questions

But also:

  • personalised support for your various administrative procedures (making legal and administrative language more accessible, drafting letters, making appointments,...)
  • a referral to one or more competent or more appropriate services
  • guidance in the follow-up of specific files (stay, naturalisation, visa application,...)

The social service office is located at Bravvo, Rue de la Caserne 37 - 1000 Brussels.