Brussels Participation

How to play a more active role in public life and the projects of the City? Residents or users of the City can find answers and even support at Brussels Participation. This service of the City works around four axes: information, dialogue, commitment and collaboration.

New citizen space

The public access to Brussels Participation is changing. The goal is to open a centre focused on three forms of support for the involvement of citizens: a meeting place, an information office and resource centre. In this way, the centre offers the possibility to make a connection between the citizens and the government.

Information is communication

Brussels Participation supports citizens in sharing ideas about their neighborhood and provides tools for the development of community projects (participatory approach, awareness and mobilization methods). The service shall, if necessary, get the citizen in touch with the administrative services and associations. Within its communication tools, the service includes a list of addresses. Citizens can ask to be included on this list as to be informed of the activities and information of the City.

Participation budget for the Anneessens quarter in 2017

The participation budget has an annual fee of 35,000 euros for an association. This support can help the district to mobilize, to discuss its future and to manage the implementation of concrete projects with 20,000 euros. To this amount, 15,000 euros is added for the association that works together with the City of Brussels (Brussels Participation) to organize and coordinate the participatory process.

The allocation of this budget was done in 2014, 2015 and 2016 as part of a contest. The associations must submit a file focused on the idea of a participatory working method. An independent jury will examine the applications before giving its advice to the City. The association Solidare-it! received the award for the year 2016 and develops its project in 2017.

This participation budget was evaluated in 2016, and this resulted in the creation of a new form under the title 'Citizen Budget'.

Citizens Budget

The Citizens Budget provides funding for projects that improve the quality of life and social cohesion in a neighborhood of the City. During a participatory process, residents commit themselves to identify the needs of their neighborhood, to propose projects and to achieve this project within the available budget.

The Citizens Budget allows to:

  • develop civil action and collective responsibility
  • promote mutual understanding and solidarity among people
  • strengthen understanding and cooperation between the people, their administration and the elected
  • raise awareness about governance and participatory democracy

Living streets

The Living streets project supports people to reinvent the use of public space, to mobilize themselves to animate the district, and to seek and test innovative solutions. It encourages citizens to take more initiative and take control of their city in order to make their environment more pleasant and sustainable.

Indirectly, the project strengthens the bond between the City and its inhabitants through partnerships. The Living streets are developed over a period of 3 years (between May 2016 and June 2018), via a European grant under the 'Life 2015' aid. During this period, the City organizes 3 to 5 Living street projects. Any initiative takes place in a certain period.

The City launches a collaboration platform with the citizens in 2017. This platform aims to establish new relationships between the City, its residents and the users of the city. It gives citizens the opportunity to express opinions, to submit projects, to vote for ideas.

2017 is a testing phase, so that the City can then submit specific projects for discussion. Citizens can thus contribute to the development of the City, together with other Internet users, the administration and the elected representatives.