Coronavirus measures

The City of Brussels has taken several decisions in order to best respect the measures of the federal government in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19). More info: coronavirus measures by the City of Brussels. receives AnySurfer label

Since 29 May 2018, the AnySurfer label has been officially awarded to the official website of the City of Brussels complies with the accessibility guidelines of AnySurfer and now carries the AnySurfer label. This quality label, valid for two years, confirms that the website is accessible to the visually impaired, blind, people with motor disabilities, seniors,...

Obtaining this label is an important step to comply with the new European directive that will make the accessibility of government websites mandatory in 2019-2020.

Two external applications that can be consulted via the website are still under construction in order to also meet the accessibility standards: the e-desk and the application for making an appointment.

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Created on 31/05/2018 (modified on 31/05/2018) receives AnySurfer label