BruSurf ICT centre

The BruSurf ICT centre is a training and education centre for digital technologies for young people.

The new technologies are teached in all their forms:

  • technical assistance with homework and study
  • developing technical skills in the digital field with the aim of better integration into working life
  • orientation and counseling of young people who want to focus on digital professions
  • making good use of the new technologies in daily life
  • learning the digital tools for a critical citizen participation
  • ...

An IT park equipped with 10 computers, two printers, a 3D printer, scanner, copier, tablets, robots,... is available to the young public as part of the trainings or various workshops in the afternoon, on Saturday or during school holidays. Numerous collaborations with associations enrich the program.

The moments of digital study serve the elaboration of homework or schoolwork, research (training, work, housing, administrative steps,...) on the Internet, guiding a creative project, giving advice on the use of the computer, tablet, smartphone, or to temporarily use a scanner, a printer, a copier,...

The BruSurf teachers are available to the young people to help them developing their projects.


  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 3:30 pm to 6 pm (outside the school holidays)

Registration with BruSurf required.

The workshops for young people develop several digital disciplines throughout the year to arrive at a common creation at the end of the season. These workshops are divided into two groups of level and/or age. The workshop 'initiation' is for beginners who want to join the workshop 'perfectioning' later in the year.


  • Saturday: September to June (outside the school holidays)
    • 10:30 am to 12:30 pm: 'Initiation' group
    • 3.30 pm to 6 pm: 'Perfection' group

Limited number of places, registration required.

Short training modules to encourage young people to use the new digital tools on a daily basis in a conscious, organized and creative way. They develop a certain expertise that benefits them during their studies and future professional life. The training courses address specific themes in the form of information sessions or classes of one to four weeks depending on the topic being addressed.

Examples of lessons: 3D printing, Critical view on the Internet and disinformation, Protection on the Internet - Social networks and private life, Management of a profile (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In,...), Maintenance of a computer, Putting a video online, Creating a text, Giving a presentation, Video editing, Sound editing, Creating a smartphone application, Creation of a blog, Initiation to ICT,...


  • Wednesday from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm (outside the school holidays)

Limited number of places, registration required.

The holiday training schedule makes it possible to deepen a discipline during one week. The themes are renewed every new holiday period.

Examples of themes: Virtual Scrapbooking, 3D Art Gallery, Photo and image editing, Creating a smartphone application, Animated greeting cards, Robots, Image by image (creation of a stop-motion film), Creation of a blog),...


  • During the school holidays

The schedules and themes vary each time.

Limited number of places, registration required.

BruSurf continues with the regular organization of workshops for adults. The workshops are accessible to everyone (the necessary level is clearly indicated in the training program) and range from initiation to the use of the computer to digital creation, office automation, graphic design, Internet,...


  • Thursday and Friday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm (outside the school holidays)

The workshops take place in 2 to 8 sessions.

Limited number of places, registration required.


BruSurf ICT centre
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