Call for candidates: zero waste market vendors

The City of Brussels wants to breathe new life into the markets of the Place Sainte-Catherine by creating a zero waste market. The aim is a new offer, with fewer packaging, for the inhabitants of the city centre and in particular of the Sainte-Catherine - Rue de Flandre quarters.

The following market vendors are recruited for this zero waste market: traders of meat and charcuterie, groceries (coffee, tea, chocolate) and delicacies, hygienic and cosmetic products and any other product that is suitable for zero waste (bulk, reusable packaging,...). Local producers, artisans and local products are all the more appreciated.

The challenge of this market is to ensure that the various traders do not offer packaging directly. In this way, customers are encouraged to bring their own bags or trays. It is highly recommended to offer payments via bankcontact/bank card to customers.


Place Sainte-Catherine market - 1000 Brussels


Each Saturday or Sunday (to be determined), from 11 am to 6 pm, from March 2020


Bulk products, local products, zero waste products


Do not offer packaging or offer reusable packaging (and/or packaging with a guarantee), prefer reusable bags and trays, offer payment via bank card

How to apply?

Applications can be sent by e-mail to the Markets Unit until 1 February 2020 at 6 pm:

If you want to apply for the organic market on the Place Sainte-Catherine on Wednesday, you can send your application to the same address.

Created on 06/01/2020 (modified on 06/01/2020)
Call for candidates: zero waste market vendors