Call for Ukraine donations

The Consortium 12-12 is launching the action 'Ukraine 12-12' to help the victims of the crisis in Ukraine. Humanitarian and medical items can also be brought to Brussels Expo (parking E).

The Consortium 12-12 brings together 7 humanitarian organizations that coordinate fundraising in case of serious crises or disasters.

Ukraine 12-12

The Ukraine 12-12 action aims to raise the necessary funds to finance humanitarian operations in Ukraine and neighboring countries facing a large influx of refugees from Ukraine.

These funds are used to set up aid programs in the areas of urgent health care, nutrition, water supply, hygiene, education, psychosocial support and protection.

How to donate?

How to donate humanitarian and medical items?

You can also donate and bring humanitarian and medical items to parking E of Brussels Expo (Avenue de Miramar - 1020 Brussels). Opening hours: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. More info on the accepted items: External site Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium (Facebook)

Call for donations for Ukraine

Created on 03/03/2022 (modified on 05/08/2022)