A cool colleague! Do you know Foudil?

The City has a policy of diversity, non-discrimination and equal opportunities and is primarily looking for talent. Read the testimony of one of the City's workers here.

Foudil: My name is Foudil, I joined the City in July 2014. I have always been in the Population Service, where I have worked a bit in all departments. Before that, I had worked in a bakery and construction, a bit of everything.

Before applying, I had read an article on the City's website saying that the public sector had to have at least 3% people with disabilities. I then called immediately and I was asked to send my CV. Eventually, I was invited for an interview and was immediately able to sign an open-ended contract.

I never doubted my own competences before joining the City. However, I did fear being discriminated against twice, both because of my disability and my origin.

Yet I was most afraid of my disability, afraid that people would only see my arm, I have heard that so many times. Fortunately, this fear was unnecessary and I have always had a good relationship with my colleagues.

In my case, the workspace was not immediately adjusted. OK, that was eight years ago now, back then people weren't really thinking about it.

It was time for some movement and for the City to gain some ground knowledge.

Today I can say that the City has improved on it with Brucity. Everything was prepared and ready before we moved in and I was able to test out my workspace, so my well-being is guaranteed.

My motto? Don't give up and always persevere! The proof? I am also part of the national taekwondo team.


Created on 15/03/2023 (modified on 24/01/2024)


A cool colleague! Do you know Foudil?