Cleaning Committees

Cleaning committees allow to evoke the policy of public cleaning of the City of Brussels, to listen to the inhabitants and to hear their suggestions.

The Alderwoman for Public Cleaning, accompanied with people in charge of the Cleaning service, organizes meetings in 11 districts of the City every 6 months. All the inhabitants are invited to these meetings.

These meetings are dedicated to present the tracks of reflection and action in public cleaning to the citizens, but especially to listen to the expectations and the concrete suggestions of the inhabitants.

These Cleaning committees thus want to encircle possible problems for every district and present solutions.


Each can now also register for the next committee of his district. He will then be automatically and personally invited to the next meetings in his district.

The Cleaning committees take place in March-April and October-November.


The schedule of the Cleaning Committees can be found in the agenda of this website and at the bottom of this page.