Coronavirus measures

The City of Brussels has taken several decisions in order to best respect the measures of the federal government in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19). More info: coronavirus measures by the City of Brussels.


Coronavirus measures by the City of Brussels

The City of Brussels has taken several decisions in order to best respect the measures of the federal government in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19).

The measures of the National Security Council will be maintained until 19 April 2020: Coronavirus: measures extended until 19 April (in French and Dutch) + Frequently asked questions (FAQ in English and other languages)

Only go to the Administrative Centre or the liaison offices of the City of Brussels if it is really necessary. This is to best respect the health advice of the federal government, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the influx of citizens in recent days despite the health regulations in force, the administrative services will now receive only by appointment and only in certain cases determined below.

  • Appointments: non-urgent appointments with the city services will be postponed. The e-desk and My file remain available to request a lot of certificates and documents.
  • Information: for simple questions please contact us on 02 279 22 11 or by e-mail (all addresses can be found on our website).

More info:

Some services are difficult to reach by phone. If it is the case, prefer email.

The meetings of the Consultation Committees have been cancelled until further notice.

Ongoing public inquiries are being finalized (but the Consultation Committee has been cancelled). New public inquiries will no longer be organized until further notice.

All services of the Town Planning Department are closed to the public. A telephone permanence is not insured. The use of e-mail is therefore recommended.

  • New applications for planning and environmental permits (or additional documents to an already submitted file) can only be submitted by post.
  • Consultation of the files subject to an ongoing public inquiry is only possible by requesting the documents by e-mail. These are sent by e-mail.
  • Consulting archive files on site is temporarily no longer possible. If the files are available digitally, they will still be sent digitally.
  • Appointments for bonuses are no longer made.

The meeting of the City Council of Monday 30 March 2020 will be cancelled. The next meeting will take place on 20 April 2020. It will replace the session originally scheduled for 27 April 2020:

It is possible to follow the City Council live via the website of the City and the Facebook page of the City of Brussels.

The parks and green spaces remain open, but all public outdoor playgrounds are closed.

The 4 cemeteries of the City will be closed from Friday 20 March and until further notice. Only scheduled burials can take place.

All shops will be closed from 18 March 2020 at noon, except pharmacies and food shops, bookstores and self-service laundries.

All markets will be closed from 18 March 2020 at noon, including food stalls.

Restaurants and cafes are closed. Consumption on site is forbidden but pick-up and delivery are possible.

Chip stalls and food trucks remain open.

The Economic Affairs Department of the City of Brussels has opened a toll-free number for all traders who have questions:

  • 0800 20 035 (every day from 8 am to 8 pm)

The services also remain available:

More information is also available at:

  • 1819 (doing business in Brussels)

The first economic support measures of the City of Brussels:

  • suspension of the collection of commercial rent from the Property Management Agency and the Public Welfare Centre (CPAS-OCMW) for the months of April and May 2020
  • taxes for markets, kiosks and itinerant traders are not claimed in the same period
  • the annual terrace fee is also reduced by 50% to support cafes and restaurants
  • administrative support to traders to complete their formalities

More information on the federal and regional measures is also available at:

  • 1819 (doing business in Brussels)

In view of the measures and instructions relating to 'social distance', the City of Brussels suspends control of its regulated parking spaces.

The traffic regulations and safety rules will of course be strictly enforced. Today, more than ever, everyone is asked to respect other users of the public space.

This measure is effective from Wednesday 18 March 2020 at noon until at least 19 April 2020.

Car traffic in the Bois de la Cambre (Ter Kamerenbos) is forbidden to give more space to the visitors and therefore more distance between the people.

The police offices in the quarters are temporarily closed. The police only welcomes you in the 4 central police offices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The services of Bravvo (Prevention Service) are temporarily closed but can be reached by telephone or e-mail. More info on the Facebook page of Bravvo.

The Public Education Department of the City of Brussels has suspended all educational activities from Monday 16 March until Friday 3 April 2020.

The National Security Council announced new measures on 17 March to fight against the corona virus. For the nurseries (childcare) of the City of Brussels, this means the following: only parents who work in a priority sector can use the childcare places. This means parents in primary care, or parents who perform a supported role in primary care. Childcare is also possible for children who have nowhere else to go than their grandparents.

  • Given these circumstances, the Young Child Service of the City of Brussels asks everyone to show a sense of responsibility, so that we do not unnecessarily endanger the health of the children and of the staff in the nursery. The service has no doubts that you correctly assess the seriousness of the situation, and that you understand that we all need to ensure that the staff who are on site every day are supported as much as possible. It is counting on you to respect these new rules around the daycare, so that you avoid contact with the day care centre as much as possible.
  • Your day care centre has contacted you or will do this quickly to check with you whether your child needs childcare between now and 19 April. If, after that conversation, something still changes to the reception situation (you need a place or want to cancel it), please let us know on 0800 17 071 at the latest the day before the arrangement before noon. In this way, the service can coordinate supply and demand, and above all avoid unnecessary mobilization of personnel.
  • The nurseries strive for an optimal service with respect for the reinforced hygiene measures. According to these rules, children who have symptoms (fever, cough, cold) must stay at home and the doctor must be consulted. This rule also applies to nursery staff.
  • Special attention should be given to children with co-morbidity factors: as a precaution, children suffering from a chronic disease or with a weakened immune system should be kept at home for the next few weeks.
  • In the morning and evening, it is recommended that only one person brings or picks up the child. The circulation within the environment of the daycare and access to the parts is limited. It is also not recommended that at-risk persons (grandparents older than 65 years, people with underlying chronic cardiovascular, kidney, diabetes,... problems) pick up the children.

Change of opening hours

From Tuesday 17 March 2020, the opening hours of the nurseries will be adjusted to maintain an optimal care offer. The nurseries are now open from 8 am to 5 pm, with the exception of the César de Paepe nursery, which remains open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm, especially for children of medical staff.

Supportive measures for parents

Wallonia-Brussels Federation:

On Thursday 19 March 2020, the Government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation decided that parents who no longer put their children in the nursery since Monday 16 March 2020 will in no case have to justify their absence. They will not have to pay the daycare centre for the days the children are not present.

Flemish measures:

On 18 March 2020, the Flemish Government took measures, in accordance with the guidelines of the National Security Council, to support families using childcare for babies and toddlers.

Due to the corona crisis, there are many more parents who care for their child at home. By working from home, due to illness or preventively because of the corona crisis. That is why parents in any childcare facility, already for the period from 14 March to 19 April, do not have to pay for the days that their child does not come to the childcare facility.

In childcare with an income rate, the 'ordering is paying' principle is used. When parents do not bring their child to a daycare centre, they can normally appeal to a number of 'free days'. These are a number of planned ('ordered') childcare days that do not have to be paid. These parents will not have to use these days for the days between 14 March and 19 April, on which they do not bring their child to the daycare centre. They do not have to pay for these days. The normal regulations are therefore temporarily put on pause.

More info:

Holidays and courses for children and sports camps during the Easter holidays of 2020 will be cancelled.

The Youth Service will personally contact parents who have registered. A holiday centre is being held. More details will follow.

All libraries, swimming pools, museums and sports infrastructure of the City of Brussels will remain closed.

The Community Centres are closed. A social follow-up of isolated seniors is being ensured via the free number:

  • 0800 35 550

The social offices of the CPAS of the City of Brussels remain open and can be reached via the usual means of communication. An additional free number was also created:

  • 0800 35 237

The Resto du Coeur in Laeken, which cooperates with the CPAS, is closed. Colis du Coeur will remain operational. The non-profit organization distributes food packages to anyone who needs them.

There will be no delivery of street artist licences until 2 May 2020 included. The auditions of 14 April and 11 May have been cancelled.

The Human resources Department is closed but remains available via telephone and mail.

The Local Treasury Office is closed.

The Brussels Council for Cultural Diversity (CBDC) is closed but accessible via and 02 279 66 80.

The City has reopened its drinking water fountains to help the homeless.

In order to guarantee continuity in the distribution of meals to the homeless, the City and Interparking have made an effort to continue this distribution by the non-profit organization Operation Thermos. The food distribution now takes place at the entrance of the Albertine parking (Rue des Sols - Stuiversstraat).

For all information about the new measures (taken in the Brussels Capital Region) to limit the spread of Covid-19:


The measures of the STIB public transport company (metro, tram and bus):

Collection of garbage bags

The measures of the 'Bruxelles-Propreté' Service (collection of garbage bags, Recypark, Proxy-Chimik,...):

Low Emission Zone (LEZ)

The fines within the LEZ (Low Emission Zone) have been temporarily suspended:

Initiatives by citizens and solidarity

The website contains all the initiatives by citizens (solidarity actions) in Brussels.

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Coronavirus measures by the City of Brussels