Croix de Feu: two schools and a sports hall

What is it about?

The project 'Croix de Feu' in Neder-Over-Heembeek will be the first major education complex for primary education of active and sustainable pedagogy in the City of Brussels. It provides for the creation of a nursery school with 312 places, a primary school with 576 places and an integrated gym in a future sustainable district contract.

What purpose?

The project offers students the opportunity to actively contribute to collective projects. It will provide a collaborative learning process and facilitate interaction between students and teachers. Around the classes there are social spaces that will allow students to study in an informal and collaborative way so that user friendliness is stimulated. Major sports halls and cafeterias will be available to residents and can offer a chance to the quarter. The project takes into account the size of environmentally friendly building at all levels.

Croix de Feu