Closing of counters on Friday 9 December 2022

Due to the move of the services of the City of Brussels, the counters of the former Administrative Centre (Boulevard Anspach 6 - 1000 Brussels) will close as early as Friday 9 December 2022. You can still request your documents online and on the External site MyBXL citizen portal, or make an appointment. Due to the move, the waiting time for a telephone answer may be temporarily longer as well.


Current works and construction sites

Public works by the City of Brussels may cause traffic and parking problems in the area. Other public authorities such as the Region or companies (in particular utilities) may also carry out works on the roads or in the surrounding area.

Works by the City of Brussels

Several road works are organized by the City of Brussels. These works may include the complete reconstruction of a street (from curb to curb), interventions of asphalt or paving or more punctual interventions (reconstruction of an intersection, the surroundings of a school,...).

A notice which contains the information is distributed to the local residents before the start of the works.

The list of works by the City of Brussels is only available in Dutch and French.

In order not to hinder the progress of the works, one has to respect the parking ban during the day.

In case of practical problems such as accessibility of garages, shops or problems with deliveries, please contact the person responsible for the site between 8 am and 5 pm.

Bad weather or technical problems may delay the works. The Public and Green Spaces Department is committed to carry out the work as quickly as possible so as to minimize the inconvenience to road users and local residents.

This compensation is intended for businesses in Brussels located in or next to a yard that interrupts traffic or public transport, in at least one direction, for at least 29 consecutive days. It is reserved for companies active in certain sectors:

Works by third parties

Works by the Brussels Mobility Service:

Works by the STIB-MIVB public transport company: