Delivery card (Marolles)

The City of Brussels has a delivery card, which indicates that the holder has stopped at a delivery place to load/unload goods and which indicates, in particular to police officers, that a delivery is in progress. This card is free.

For whom?

Any type of trade (retail, service or catering business) located in the streets listed below can request a delivery card from the City. Only one delivery card is issued per trader.

  • Rue Haute
  • Rue Blaes
  • Rue Notre-Seigneur
  • Rue Saint-Ghislain
  • Rue des Capucins
  • Rue des Renards
  • Rue du Chevreuil
  • Rue de l'Economie
  • Rue de l'Hectolitre
  • Rue de la Rasière
  • Place du Jeu de balle
  • Rue de la Plume
  • Rue du Miroir
  • Rue de l'Epée

How to use the card?

Delivery card (Marolles)

When a supplier arrives, he parks in an available delivery zone in one of the above streets. He reports it to the shopkeeper who temporarily gives him the delivery card.

How to apply?

And for parking?