Den Bels Farm

What is it about?

The Den Bels Farm is a classified site that has been out of use since 2004. The farm that testifies to the rural life of Neder-Over-Heembeek will undergo a thorough renovation. The City of Brussels proposes to completely restore and renovate the site of the Den Bels Farm by giving it new contemporary functions.

What purpose?

The project as presented in the permit application includes the creation of:

  • a new nursery: permanent care for 10 toddlers by professionals with a focus on the needs of each child
  • a socio-economic restaurant such as Hazewee in Laeken: dishes are made with locally grown fruit and vegetables
  • a space for seniors: a space for (intergenerational) encounters
  • an orchard and a vegetable garden for the various services of the Den Bels Farm
Den Bels Farm