Parks and cemeteries closed due to heavy winds

Due to the heavy winds, the parks and cemeteries of the City of Brussels are closed till Friday morning 23 February 2024. The Bois de la Cambre will be closed from 4 pm to 6 am.


Discover Brussels with Option B

The Option B campaign is part of the City of Brussels' economic recovery plan. The aim is to present the riches of Brussels to the inhabitants of Brussels and tourists, through routes that invite you to discover the city.

Is your dream destination unreachable? There is always an alternative. And the second choice is often even more surprising than the first. Option B, with a capital B like Brussels, will prove it by A + B.

Thematic routes

Who better than the lovers of Brussels to reveal the beauty and secrets of their city? So everyone may share tips via the Instagram account BXL option B and the website. The advice and tips are collected in the form of thematic routes (one theme per month):

Created on 05/10/2021 (modified on 05/10/2021)
Discover Brussels with Option B