District meetings

District meetings enable people to enter into dialogue with the elected representatives on projects or developments in their neighborhood.

The inhabitants get an invitation in their mailbox. Persons registered with the service receive an invitation directly at home. Citizens can register at Brussels Participation by sending an e-mail, calling or coming to the District meeting.

Before each meeting, Brussels Participation meets the district committees and associations to gather their questions. On the day of the district meeting, the City presents an action that it keeps in the district. It answers questions from the associations and allows citizens to speak.

Participation is also possible via the online participation tool:

The calendar of District meetings can be consulted in the agenda of this site or at the bottom of this page.

What are the boundaries of the districts for the classification of the district meetings?

The reports of district meetings (since 2016) can be consulted online, in Dutch and French only.

These public meetings used to be called District advisory committees. The archives of these meetings can be consulted online (pdf) in Dutch and French only.