Exhibition. Baroque without the shrouds, new look at sculpture in Brussels and Belgium

This event has already passed

From 8 June to 25 September 2011 at the City Hall of Brussels.

In contrast to the grandeur of the Baroque paintings, the Baroque sculpture did not get as much attention. This exhibition is the starting point of a trail through downtown Brussels. Famous sculptors are being rediscovered by a number of original works, but also through drawings, sketches,...

The chapel von Thurn und Tassis, which has been restored, at the Church of Our Lady of Sablon will exceptionally be open during the exhibition. Several works of these great artists are shown here: Faydherbe, Verbrugghen, Bergé, Kerricx,...

Opening hours

  • Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 am 6 pm
  • closed on Mondays and holidays

Brochure of the exhibition with Baroque trail in Brussels