Family reunification (between EU citizens)

Are you a European citizen or assimilated (national of Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein or Norway), are you joining a European or assimilated citizen who lives in the City of Brussels?

If you intend to reside in Belgium for more than 3 months and establish your main residence there, you must contact the municipal administration of the City of Brussels to register.

  • European citizen or assimilated
  • Establish your main residence on the territory of the City of Brussels (precise address: street name, house number, possible mailbox number)
  • Joining another EU citizen or assimilated

With an online taken appointment only, at the counter of the Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels or the liaison office of Louise.

Registration is done in several steps:

  • Application for registration certificate (annex 19): once you have proved your EU citizenship or equivalent, you will be entered in the 'Waiting Register' and given your application for registration certificate. From that moment, you will have 3 months to provide all the required documents, unless you can produce them immediately. In this case, you will be issued with a provisional document certifying your registration (Annex 8ter) which is valid for 45 days.
  • Residence check: the police are responsible for carrying out this check. A neighbourhood officer will go to the declared address to establish your actual presence there. If the check is positive, you will be registered at the address and in the 'Register of Foreigners'.
  • EU card: when you have obtained your registration (annex 8ter) and the address check is positive, you can make an appointment to order your EU card.

  • National passport or national identity card
  • 1 recent (6 months maximum) External site ICAO compliant passport photo
  • Civil status certificate establishing the family relationship (birth certificate or marriage certificate)
    Please note: the document must be original, legalised/apostilled (if required) in the country where it was issued + translation by a sworn translator if the document is not in French or Dutch
  • In the case of a minor who settles with only one of the two parents: proof of parental custody or parental authorisation.

26 euros

The Immigration Office will decide on your application within 6 months of submission if all the required documents have been provided and if the registration at the declared address is positive.

Last update on 27/12/2023

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