Fight against flooding in Laeken

The City of Brussels offers support for works against flooding in Laeken.

It is strengthening its action for citizens for the following bonuses:

To do this, the City of Brussels joins forces with the Nos Pilifs Farm to offer you a free diagnosis. The diagnosis allows you to determine exactly which works could be carried out to combat flooding, but also to offer you their realization via the bonuses. Thanks to this cooperation, the administrative formalities for obtaining the bonuses are arranged at your request.

Depending on the diagnosis, other interventions (other than those related to the premiums) may be carried out, based on the estimated impact to combat flooding, and with the prior approval of the City.

Which perimeter in Laeken?

The map of the area where you have to live in order to claim the bonus:

How to apply?

For diagnoses and a quotation request, please contact the Nos Pilifs Farm at:

More info?


Fight against flooding in Laeken