District meetings - BPART

The Board of the City of Brussels offers an online tool for participation.

How to participate, how to ask questions?

I connect to the bpart.brussel.be platform, the new online tool for participation in the City of Brussels:

  1. I choose the topics that concern me.
  2. I declare my needs and challenges.
  3. I respond to other contributions and offer solutions.

District meetings:

I meet the Board of Mayor and Aldermen during the district meeting to discuss the answers.

The district meetings are organized annually in each of the 9 districts of the City of Brussels.

These meetings give residents the opportunity to interact with the City government. Through these encounters, the representatives you elected can explain their decisions in the management of your district.

Thanks to your questions and ideas, we can think together about solutions for the projects and the evolution of your neighborhood.

The Board of the City consists of a Mayor and 9 Aldermen. They daily run the City of Brussels based on a vision they follow for 6 years. In the name of the City, they manage the common: public spaces, housing, schools, culture, safety, sports, leisure activities,...

The Board is designated by the City Council, which is elected every six years during municipal elections.

District meeting