Support local trade with a BXL gift card!

The 'BXL gift cards' are an initiative of the City of Brussels to support local traders. When you buy gift cards online to spend at participating stores, the City of Brussels offers you +20% extra purchase value for free.

Traders register to participate. The gift cards or vouchers are for sale on the same website:

The list of participating stores is regularly updated on this website.

Which traders?

Traders on the territory of the City of Brussels are eligible, with the exception of:

  • restaurants and cafes
  • professional to professional activities
  • free professions
  • real estate agents
  • activities in the banking and insurance sector
  • night shops
  • supermarkets and department stores
  • betting and gambling offices
  • sports halls
  • hotels
  • nightclubs
Created on 16/11/2020 (modified on 18/06/2021)


Support local trade with a BXL gift card!