Grand Hospice call for projects

Pali Pali launches a call for projects at the Grand Hospice site. The deadline for submitting proposals is 29 October 2021 at midnight.

Pending major renovation works for housing and collective services, the CPAS of Brussels decided to make the Pacheco site available for an innovative project with a strong social and cultural orientation. A call for projects was launched at the beginning of March. Pali Pali was selected to organize the temporary occupation of the Pacheco site.

Social and cultural themes

Pali Pali is now launching the call for projects for the occupation of this Grand Hospice site. Together, the projects will have to cover the 7 social and cultural themes that define the Grand Hospice project (solidarity, art & culture, education - health - sport, lab & innovation, sustainable development, social economy, living together - creating connections).

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Created on 07/10/2021 (modified on 07/10/2021)