Grand Hospice: meeting place with 120 projects

The Grand Hospice, located at number 7 on the street of the same name, now houses more than 120 initiatives driven by a group of citizens with a common goal: working for a better world.

The non-profit organisation 'Pali Pali' - which describes itself as an 'incubator of ideas' - manages this space on a daily basis with the support of the Public Welfare Centre (CPAS-OCMW) and develops projects around 4 themes: the community, sustainable development, art & culture and education & health.

Projects for a better world

The Grand Hospice aims not only to be an incubator for projects and ideas, but also a real living space thanks to its garden and food and drink area, hairdresser (Vilain), beauty salon (Zamany), pastry shop (Toga), sewing workshop (Couture Club) and record shop (Hospice Records).

Discover the 120 initiatives:

Created on 29/06/2022 (modified on 29/06/2022)
Grand Hospice: meeting place with 120 projects