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Héliport-Anvers sustainable district contract

Héliport-Anvers is the 18th district contract in the City of Brussels.

With 12 million euros in support from the Region, the City of Brussels can work with residents and local actors to develop an ambitious action plan to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood in all areas: public space, housing, support for employment and social life, environment, citizen projects, collective facilities,...

Throughout 2021, the City of Brussels will make a diagnosis of the neighborhood, define priorities and develop an action program. This program will run for four years from 2022.

In order to bring this project to a successful conclusion, the City will be supported by an engineering office and the expertise and participation of the residents and actors of the neighborhood will also be called upon through the organization of a participatory process (public meetings, workshops, neighborhood walks,...) and the organization of a district committee composed by a citizen panel and stakeholders from the neighborhood.

The perimeter of this new district contract extends around the site of the towers with social housing of the Chaussée d'Anvers (Antwerpsesteenweg). The area is bounded to the south by the Boulevard Bolivar (Bolivarlaan), to the east by the border with the municipality of Schaerbeek and the Senne Park, to the north by the Rue Eclusier Cogge and to the west by the Allée Verte (Groendreef).

To implement the Héliport-Anvers district contract, the City of Brussels brings residents and local stakeholders together by setting up a district committee.

The district committee is an advisory body whose task is to help determine the priorities of the district contract by issuing advice and recommendations and by exchanging information and experiences in the field with one common goal: to develop projects and solutions that are appropriate for the district.

In order to create a district committee that is as diverse as possible, a broad call for candidacy was launched from 4 January to 1 February 2021 in the area around the Héliport-Anvers district via the associations and local partners, via the presence of the services on the site, via a poster campaign and the distribution of flyers, via the website and social networks of the City and during a public information session about the new district contract on 27 January 2021.

A total of 26 applications from residents and 8 applications from associations were submitted.

Based on an analysis, the most representative citizen panel of the district was composed: 17 civil candidates and 8 candidates from associations were nominated by the City Council of the City of Brussels to be part of the Héliport-Anvers district committee.

More info:

The Héliport-Anvers district contract benefits from a regional subsidy of 12 million euros.

The City of Brussels will release additional resources to develop an ambitious program.

The year 2021 is devoted to the development of the basic program, which includes a diagnosis of the district, the definition of priorities and an action plan. An environmental impact report is also being prepared to study the impact of the program on the environment of the residents of the neighborhood.

Throughout the year, various opportunities for meetings and exchanges (workshops, exploratory walks, meetings, interviews,...) are organized with local residents and associations.

The program must be approved by the City Council and the Brussels Capital Region by the end of 2021.

The program will start in 2022, over a 50-month period.

The Héliport-Anvers district contract consists of two major components: investments in infrastructure and housing (buildings and public spaces) and support for the socio-economic life in the district. Since January 2021, the City of Brussels has been working with the Citytools consultancy to develop an action program to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood in all its dimensions: public space, housing, support for employment and social life, environment, community facilities,... The studies have already made it possible to establish a diagnosis and thematic priorities for the socio-economic part of the Héliport-Anvers district contract. It is on this basis that the project call is launched here.

This call is addressed to non-profit organizations, public utility foundations, companies with a social purpose, as well as the services of the City and the CPAS of Brussels.

The selected projects will be included in the base file. From 2022, they will receive financial support for four years.

The deadline for the call is 28 June 2021 at noon.

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The publications of the Héliport-Anvers district contract are only available in Dutch and French.




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