Here are your future 'fritkots'!

The winner of the architectural 'fritkot' competition is known. Studio Moto came up with the winning project: a cozy, simple, functional and easily recognizable 'fritkot' (chip shop or French fries stall) for Brussels.

The jury of the architectural competition consisted of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Brussels, the chairman of the National Federation of 'Friturists' (Navefri) and an architect and professor at the ULB. They had a separate conversation with each of the 52 candidates and their evaluation was made on the basis of three decisive criteria:

  • identity (iconic character, adjusted according to the specific nature of the 'fritkot')
  • functionality (practical and ergonomic)
  • integration (in the city)

The winning project

The design is simple and refined and the reflective coating of shiny aluminum stimulates the dialogue with the environment. The 'fritkot' has a stylish, colorful, warm and cozy interior, consisting entirely of small tiles, reminiscent of the shops, cafes and restaurants in Brussels. The icing on the cake is the luminous signboard of the 'fritkot'. Each shop manager will be able to make one for himself to reflect the identity of his or her chip shop.

Simulation fritkot Rue de Laeken - day

Next steps

  • Beginning of 2018: launch of the contract for drawing up the specifications required for the building of the 'fritkots'
  • End 2018: submission of applications for a planning permit
  • Beginning of 2019: designation of the contractor who will carry out the works
  • 2019: creation of the 'fritkots'
Created on 19/01/2018 (modified on 05/03/2018)
Simulation fritkot Rue de Laeken - nuit