How does contact tracing work?

When someone is infected with Covid-19 (coronavirus), it is important to be able to identify the people with whom the infected person had long-term contact. These persons may also be infected. In that case, the contact tracing centre of the Brussels Capital Region will call these persons or visit them at home and give advice to prevent them from infecting others.

Please note: since 2 December 2021 infected persons can transmit the data of their high risk contacts online via

Those contacts will then receive test codes for a free PCR test via e-mail or SMS.

Who will contact you?

The call centre agent always calls from the number 02 214 19 19 or text you from the number 8811. If the call centre cannot call you, a call centre representative will visit you at home.

Advice for the contacts?

Anyone who came into contact with an infected person will be called (or visited at home) if the call centre is informed of their identity. These persons, in turn, receive practical advice on how not to infect others. The identity of the infected person is never disclosed.

Confidentiality and lack of monitoring

The person who calls you or visits you at home will treat your data confidentially and with absolute respect for your privacy. The information is not provided to the police or judicial authorities. Your identity is never revealed to your contacts. So you will remain completely anonymous.

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Created on 30/06/2020 (modified on 02/12/2021)