Karine Lalieux - CPAS

President of the CPAS-OCMW (Public Welfare Centre).

Karine Lalieux, born in Anderlecht, obtains her degree in criminology at the ULB where she then commits to scientific research and education.

As a socialist, she takes part in the federal elections for the first time in 1999 and was elected as a member of Parliament. In 2000, she also became Alderwoman of the City, responsible for Public Cleanliness and ICT.

Karine Lalieux is particularly active as a member of Parliament, both in meetings and through social networks. At the federal level she intensively fights against all forms of exclusion.

She continues to promote universal banking, financial regulation, the introduction of a tax on international currency transactions, accessible housing, defense of public services, a better energy policy geared to current reality, rights of foreigners,...

Today Karine Lalieux is very happy to also support the culture and creative people in the city.

The President of the Public Welfare Centre (CPAS or OCMW) is elected by secret ballot by and from the members of the Council for Social Welfare.

The President leads the activities of the CPAS. He is automatically the Chairman of the Permanent Bureau and the Special Committees. The chairman is responsible for the preliminary examination of the issues that must be submitted to the Council, the Permanent Bureau and the Special Committees. He calls meetings and makes the agendas.

Tasks CPAS president

He is charged with implementing the decisions of the Council, the Permanent Bureau and the Special Committees. He represents the CPAS in extrajudicial activities. Together with the secretary he signs the deliberations of the Council, the Permanent Bureau and the Special Committees and the publication of documents and correspondence from the CPAS.

Urgent cases

In urgent cases the President may grant the required emergency assistance. His decision must be ratified at the next meeting of the Board. When a homeless person asks for social assistance, the President has to give this aid. The Council must ratify this decision at the next meeting.

Meetings of the Board

The President attends the meetings of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, at his request or by invitation of the Mayor, to be heard on matters related to the CPAS.

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